BIG Teddy Bear 18×24


This Piece ships flat 18×24. It is also signed and numbered.

  • UV coating, often called liquid lamination, is a highly protective, ultra-shiny gloss coating that we apply over aqueous coating and then cure on a special machine using ultraviolet light.
  • The solvent-free UV coating provides an extremely hard finish that's chemical and abrasion resistant.
  • It makes details really pop! On deep colors, it results in a stunning, almost wet appearance.
  • Perfect when you want a durable, environmentally-friendly piece with a richer, high-end look and feel.

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This Piece ships flat 18×24. It is also signed and numbered.

The highest technology. The greatest care. The best product.

Premium stock meets premium quality with our Offset produced 24pt Ultra Thick business cards. Sturdy and durable, these cards boast printing in immaculate detail and vibrant colour.

The highest quality printing deserves a high quality finish. Silk Matte Laminate adds a rich silky smooth texture and protective coating. Super Gloss UV adds shine that pops, and Matte coating adds a subtle layer of lamination to complement any design.

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Dimensions 18 × 24 in